"Everyone’s afraid of something."

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Make Me Choose Anonymous asked:

↳ Ami Mizuno or Michiru Kaioh


Ragnar | All Change

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Sansa Stark per episode  season one, episode four

Jacob’s Studio Ghibli Challenge (Done by Kenya!)
[4/5] Female Characters: Arrietty


Once Upon A Time appreciation week
∟ Day Five: Favorite Episode - 3x19 - A Curious Thing.

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”Luckily for us Tyrells, our blood runs quite warm.”


This is a friendly reminder that Kathryn Howard was an uneducated teenage girl who had been raised in relative poverty in the countryside alongside other, equally uneducated young women whose goals in life likely began and ended with finding a decent husband to support them.

This is a reminder that she had neither a mother nor father to look after her.

This is a reminder that was thrust by her ambitious family into a world that was completely foreign to her and used as a pawn to gain favor with the king, who, when he married her, was more than twice her age, mentally unstable, morbidly obese, and increasingly physically unwell, and had already been married four times.

This is a reminder that Kathryn loved the splendor and amusements of the court, and loved the gifts showered upon her, as would most teenage girls, especially if they never had anything to call their own before.

This is a reminder that mostly, the orphaned Kathryn probably wanted someone to care about her and pay attention to her in a meaningful, human way (not just by throwing jewels and gowns at her), and that that’s okay.

This is a reminder that even if she was “guilty” of what she was accused of, her own family ultimately set her up for disaster. Anne Boleyn had already suffered death at Henry VIII’s hand; Kathryn, a naive, teenaged country girl was far more vulnerable than her older, better-educated, politically savvy cousin. 

So before you slut-shame her or suggest that she “deserved” what she got, consider that she was probably a seventeen- to nineteen-year-old girl who was being executed by a tyrannical madman who saw women as possessions and baby factories rather than as human beings.

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